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OK, who needs some ripstop cheap? Here’s how this Bulk Ripstop Blowout Bash is gonna work…

Step 1: check out the list below to see what’s available.

Step 2: decide how much you want. The catch is that these rolls aren’t pre-measured, and we don’t know exactly how much is on them, so instead of selling whole rolls this time, we’ll do this by the yard. Let us know how much you’d like, and we’ll get as close as we can. If we come up short, we’ll let you know.

Step 3: send us an e-mail at telling us the color, quantity, your shipping address, and whether you want to use a credit card or PayPal. 

Step 4: we’ll measure out your fabric, package and weigh it, and calculate the shipping costs. Then we’ll send you a Quickbooks invoice or a PayPal request. Once we’ve received your payment, your package is on the way! Going to the Maryland Kitemaking Retreat in February or U-MAKE in March? We can bring your fabric there, and there’ll be no shipping charge!

Four simple steps, couldn’t be any easier. Most of this fabric was manufactured by either North Cloth or Challenge, except as noted. It’s ¾ ounce coated ripstop nylon, except as noted (the polyester is very similar to Icarex/PC31). Widths are approximate. Here’s what we’ve got:

Green, 60” wide

Navy blue polyester, 60” wide

Brown, 60” wide (North Cloth coffee bean)    SOLD OUT

Brown, 56” wide  SOLD OUT

Brown, 42” wide  SOLD OUT

Forest green polyester, 48” wide  SOLD OUT

Powder blue, 60” wide   SOLD OUT

Pink, 60” wide   SOLD OUT

Yellow, 42” wide  SOLD OUT

White, 42” wide   SOLD OUT

White, 60” wide  SOLD OUT

Skin (beige), 56” wide   SOLD OUT

Red, 60” wide  SOLD OUT

Light gray, 60” wide  SOLD OUT

Royal blue, 60” wide  SOLD OUT

Carrington white, 42” wide (less than 10 yards available)   SOLD OUT

Carrington neon pink, 42” wide (less than 20 yards available)  SOLD OUT



50+ yards @ $2

20-49 yards @ $2.50

10-19 yards @ $3

1-9 yards @ $3.50