We try to ship your order within 24 hours of when it's received. We know you don't want to be kept waiting, and we want to offer the best service in the kite business, so our goal is to get your order to you, fast.

We can ship internationally. Yes, UPS international rates are costly, but we've had good experiences shipping overseas with the US Postal Service. Their rates are much cheaper, and their service is usually pretty fast. In fact, most of the time the USPS gets packages to other countries in less than 5 days... and then they sit in Customs awaiting clearance for another week.

All fabric is rolled, not folded, unless you request it. That means that fabric will be shipped in 60" long boxes.

And why does shipping cost so much? The short answer: it's Amazon.com's fault. They like to ship small items in large boxes, which take up a lot of space on UPS trucks. So at the end of 2014, UPS switched to a new rate system, called DIM Weight (dimensional weight). That means that the shipping costs are based not on the actual weight of the package, but on what UPS thinks a package of that size should weigh. We all know that a 60" box full of nylon doesn't really weigh that much... but UPS insists that it's heavy, and they've set their prices accordingly. We don't think that's fair, but since all the major carriers are using that system now, we don't have a choice. The solution? Since it costs as much to ship 2 yards of fabric as it does 20 yards, you might as well stock up, and fill up that box! In addition, in mid-2016 UPS raised their "extra handling charge" from $9 to $10.85, and then changed the package size that it applies to, from anything over 60", to anything over 48". So, basically any order with spars or fabric will incur that extra $10.85 charge. So now you know what Brown can do for you....