Got a busted kite? Often, the shop where you purchased the kite can make simple repairs and get you flying again. Sometimes, you might just need to replace a broken rod (and if you need help figuring out the right part to buy, please contact us). But occasionally, you've got a real disaster on your hands. We can help with those. Torn sails, cut-up bridles, ripped spar pockets, broken connectors... we've seen it all. If your repair needs professional help, we're here for you. Please e-mail us a picture of the whole kite (or if you know the manufacturer's name and the kite model, that works too), and a close-up picture of the damaged area. We'll tell you if it's fixable, and what it will cost.

Note: Fly Market does NOT repair power kites designed for kite surfing or buggying, or large inflatable show kites.